1. 3D Virtual Worlds Fly-by: View with Anaglyph Glasses

    View these videos to understand and share the enthusiasm of young artists about their works in 3D virtual spaces - (3d videos must be viewd when using anaglyph glasses, see 3D#1 & 3D#2)


    A full-day broadband trial in November 2011 included a concurrent, synchronous three-way real-time HD video link, shared by more than sixty concurrent users in Sydney, Armidale and several NBN Co locations.

    NBN Broadband Trial 2011

    NBN HD trial 2011 - MacICT & NBN group photo


    Our team have proven expertise in creating robust, sophisticated technology solutions both for on-line use and for exhibition. The integration of visual arts and and technology is our primary area of expertise.

    We have a proven record for delivery of such projects on budget and on time. Images from some of our relevant projects follow:

    Young artist creating works in 3D Virtual World

    Creating 3D objects

    Anyone for virtual hamburgers

    Anyone for virtual hamburgers

    Orientation - flying in Virtual Worlds

    Orientation - flying in Virtual Worlds


    Our team have developed remote sensing technology solutions that provide positive feedback, resulting in a highly interactive visitor experiences.


Feedback From Visitors

  • What fantastic team work to make the most and develop the skills, talent and knowledge of so many! - Stacey Allen.
  • Absolutely amazing exhibition. Thank you for showing us around.
  • Astonishing! I found it refreshing to find architectural modeling that valued our fuller lifestyle and human needs. If you have taken the symbiosis and larger needs of the world (not just human accommodation and food needs further, I reckon you would have aced many architecture students ( a sculpture in clay who can't draw but can spatially express and build 3D!) - Kurringai West Probus Club
  • Awesome, amazing, mind boggling work - J.Green (Teacher - DCPS).
  • Very creative and most enjoyable.
  • A very stimulating use of technology which gives freedom to students' imagination. The combination with blogging and traditional skills of sketching is valuable and important to extend students' ability in other forms of communication. It would be interesting for students to evaluate their work in relationship to principles and elements of design apart from other criteria inherent in evaluation of their work and peer assessment. Well done everyone. Kate Wilkie (Sydney University)
  • That was one of the most amazing examples of student learning I have ever seen - S. Papp
  • Very articulate students, capable of critically explaining some interesting ideas. Enjoyed the symbiotic designs of the virtual city. Excellent.
  • This exhibition is fantastic! NSW DET should be getting involved in this technological generation.
  • Fantastic exhibition detailing amazing depths of learning for students! I'm overpowered by the possibilities. Thank you - D Riggell CEO LTF Eastern Region
  • Brilliant innovation - this is the future of visual arts education. It will extend the gifted student and motivate the disengaged - Terry
  • This was great. I think more schools should be doing things like this.
  • This was an awesome experience from works that were created from young Year 10 students! Keep it up!
  • Inspiring to see an integrated and collaborative response to the dilemmas of our times! Fantastic!
  • Seeing kids work in the same spaces that we are used to looking at artists with careers is really refreshing. Not a lot of people think about showing young student works but by doing this I think can give those students and even on looking students a nice sense of power.
  • Hello, I thought your virtual world was great! Good job. I was really impressed with the quality of your world. Loved the waterfall and water tunnel.
  • Very impressive and an outstanding example of quality teaching/quality learning.
  • I was amazed at the level of complexity and detail. Great work and hope to see more next year. Very creative! - Joe Harris
  • Fantastic stuff. It is great to see high school students that are interested in environmental sustainability. They also are very creative and I hope more opportunities like this become available to more high school students.
  • Interesting ideas. The groups really different in their ideas of future design and the roles of aesthetics. An impressive amount of detail and thought considered the time they were given.
  • Intriguing exploration of mid 21st century living. Great ideas and wonderful execution I'll be back to hear how you managed it. - Murray Scott
  • Great work! It's great to see people being exposed to technologies of the future. Meghan
  • I enjoyed seeing your virtual world and was very impressed when I found out that you boys and girls were in Year 10. Congratulations -Barry Hale
  • Great job! Good to see how much students learnt and how it could be applied across other subjects. Well done!
  • What outstanding learning for students! What we have come to know and expect from the deep knowledge of the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre.
  • Brilliant work by these 'to-be-architects'. Extremely inspiring to realise such natural abilities and insights in these works. Keep going and develop these insights and activities at home and school. There should be more of these attempts and projects in other fields throughout all schools in Australia. Highly commendable effort by all. Thank you for your insights." - Kitt Gorn (Architect).
  • Hi, Have just seen the review of this year's GAME event. We live in Tasmania and have not heard of this before but are very excited about it. Will you be running it next year and if so, when will you be asking for registrations? Please could you put us on the mailing list? - Tristan and Billie-Rose Baker

Feedback From Educator & Student Volunteers

The students tested the concept and provided feedback on the questions asked (question 5 modified) and the location of some challenges (made the level 3 challenges more difficult to find). The students were very motivated when challenged to use the student-directed inquiry process using information and QR codes to generate a multiple choice question:
  • “The students have never participated in anything like this before. The student’s knowledge of sustainability factors involved in a building’s design has been exponentially increased. Thank you”
  • “I had no idea so much thought went into building design”.
  • “I didn’t know about QR codes before today”
  • “This was so cool”
  • “It was fantastic and really, really awesome”
  • “Thank you so much for letting us do this fun activity”
  • Who would have thought 3 months ago that we could do this? I am truly amazed at the things MacICT can do.(under the conditions we were all under) The people involved in this mammoth effort all should be extremely proud. You are all awesome. I love working at MacICT!!!! - Simon Hutchison
  • We spoke to two women from Lismore who had come to the three day event (we should have asked how they heard about the event) and some boys from Eden (Mum drove the six hours) who had heard about the GameOn day from a careers advisor who suggested they should attend! - Pam Kelly
  • Very interesting to see parents come down the stairs, see the retro games and then suggest to the children that is where they should start. Two boys were there when we packed up at 1.15 trying to beat the high score that their Day had achieved on PacMan.
  • Congratulations All - BUT, especially Cathie, Simon and Anthony
  • It was "Action Packed" and the visitors loved it. There were so many enthusiastic gamers, enjoying the wonderful selection and variety of gaming opportunities the 'Game On' team had co-ordinated. I even met locals from my neighborhood because the day was advertised in the our High school's newsletter.
  • FYI We had 47 correct entries in the Mobile Scavenger Hunt and another 9 which were completed but not correct. Lots of great feedback and learning for us too. - Jenny Madsen
  • It was such an impressive day - a great turn out, such a great buzz and amazing things happening all over the place. Well done you the amazing team at Mac ICT - Kate Highfield

Feedback From Indie Developers

  • Thank you very much for having us take part this weekend. We really enjoyed coming out and hearing some of the speaking sessions, checking out some other games and showing Little Space Heroes. From Paul Gray – Indie Dev Bubblegum Interactive. I also am very grateful for your help on the day getting us connected and live - I know how busy you all were. Thank you for this.
  • We were very excited about the opportunity and 5 of them were active on twitter promoting the festival in the lead up.
  • 100% of the 9 indie studios represented thought the festival was worth their while and expressed an interest in attending next time.
  • Indie developers and presenters found the library spaces were very good.
  • Indie developers were very happy with numbers going through
  • For some smaller indie studios, such an event is the only time they may get a chance to see dozens of their target market actually have the game in their hands, and it proved an invaluable experience for all.
  • Good Game (ABC TV) broadcast coverage of the festival over the weekend. What a terrific piece on the event! - Via Rosemary Elliott IMI
  • Numrous sponsors supported this event via UNE Armidale campus. Namely Sustainable Living Armidale, Northern tablelands Wildlife Carers, New England Solar Power, EduOne, DEHub, Bushman Tanks, Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Tracey McLaughlin

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